Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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Regina Iustitiae Sorority

Proud of you sis! Regina Sorority backs #Press4Progress campaign

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The Regina Iustitiae Sorority sends their warmest regards to this fellow aspiring abogada. One of their sorority sisters fearlessly shared her story of harassment for the “Press4Progress: Let’s Break Free” campaign.

Ateneo Law student and Regina sister, Frances Siapno, spoke publicly about what transpired between her and her harasser. The aspiring abogada shared how much she froze and politely replied with an “Excuse me” towards the source of sexual harassment.

In behalf of the Regina Sorority, Siapno sent out a strong message that the perpetrators of harassment do not care who you are or what you can do. Instead, the aspiring abogada encouraged all women to be brave and confident in themselves and their other talent and skills set.

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