Pay It Forward: Koko Pimentel, Poe file for ‘Abogado Para Sa Bayan’ act

Senators Koko Pimentel and Grace Poe filed an act to recruit more public attorneys in the Philippines. They are enacting a law that will provide financial assistance to law students who are willing to enter the program.!.pdf

Inspired by the “Doctor to the Barrios” program, the senators are granting free tuition including textbooks and other forms of financial support through the bill. Abogados who will come out of the program will have to serve 5 years at the Public Attorneys Office.

As stated in the introductory note of the bill, this is now being heralded as they want to tip the scales of justice to favor the poor and oppressed, and not just serve the rich and the powerful.

PAO and FLAG, join na!

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