Dec 2, 2020 @ 9:06

Patay na! Public reacts to OADR after Tulfo statement

The Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution faced some backlash after its official and abogado, Irene Alogoc discouraged the public from going to the Tulfo brothers’ radio shows. One of the dedicated pages, Bitag Live lambasted Alogoc openly for saying that relationships are hard to mend once the case is brought to the show.

In the post, they asked how they can still fix the relationships between victim and abuser. They even challenged the abogado to watch the show so she will learn and understand better.

A netizen also posted about it and said that Alogoc has no right to stop them from going on their shows. She even asked the abogado what’s her contribution is to help Filipinos.

One even posted saying that the abogado has the right to say something. However, people are no longer responsible for what she or other people understand.

Sugod na!

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