Panday Sining members in alleged Manila vandalism charged

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Formal charges have been filed against four members of the cultural youth group ‘Panday Sining’ after they were accused of vandalizing the newly-renovated Lagusnilad underpass in Manila several weeks ago.

Reports disclosed the four were charged before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday.

They were nabbed by the Manila Police Station (MPD) on Saturday after they participated at the Bonifacio Day Rally along Taft Avenue.

A video circulating on social media showed how the policemen took the members of Panday Sining.

Panday Sining took heavy flak from netizens, and from Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno himself after they allegedly vandalized the newly-renovated Lagusnilad underpass several weeks ago.

But the group insisted that what they’re doing is not vandalism, but an act of art protest to express their beliefs in the form of art.

However, Moreno was not convinced by the explanation of the youth group.

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