Pa-void: Former DICT Chief breaks down legal issues of ABS-CBN shutdown

Department of IT and Communication Technology Chief Rodolfo Salalima has a lot to say about the ABS-CBN shutdown. The abogado nosedived on the issue and broke it down as to why there are illegal irregularities in what the National Telecommunications Commission’s Cease and Desist Order last May 5.

Salalima said that the the order by the NTC is void as it violates ABS-CBN’s constitutional rights and their own rules given the immediacy of the action. The abogado also emphasized that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution have primacy over the enforced Act No. 3846 and therefore, cannot prevail. He also discouraged the blind idolatry towards judicial precedents especially when the facts of the compared cases are different.

The abogado said that this is the worst time to disconnect and make enemies. He also said that non-action in the part of the Congress is the worst delay as it sacrificed freedom of expression due to a void technicality.

Rage against the dying of the light, ika nga ni Mr. Abogado!

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