Outraged! UP community talks frat culture after Upsilon leak

It is quite a morning for Upsilon Sigma Phi. As lengthy screenshots of their chat messages surfaced online, many UP students reacted to the content of their controversial exchange.

One pointed out that Upsilon just revealed itself as “Marcos-apologist shitheads.” In the exchange used in the tweet, one member bragged and underestimated the effects of Martial Law in the country. They even continued to blame the first quarter storm for the rising inflation and emphasized that the only reason ML failed in the country is because of the protesters.

UP Medicine student, Omid Siahmard also retaliated after he was mentioned in their group chat for his opinions. The abogado asked why these fratmen thought it will be funny to mock Muslims or genocide, in general.

One also noted that these toxicity exhibited by Upsilon is not exclusive to their fraternity. This is a systemic problem in the UP community that needs to be addressed.

Labasan na ng baho!

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