On 4th Sona, Sereno speaks about faith and PH Consti

Former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno appeared at a Christian protest rally during President Duterte’s fourth state of the nation address on Monday.

Despite the heavy rain, Sereno shared a message about “obeying God rather than men,” as some people pretend to be “false kings.”

In the same vein, she spoke about how the Bible teaches readers “to submit to authorities to silence those who mock the Christian faith.”

But she said that this teaching also has a context and limitations.

“The Philippines’ context is that the Constitution recognizes ‘the sovereign Filipino people’ as the supreme authority and prohibits any individual from being considered a king,” said Sereno.

“It is the sovereign Filipino people who ratified the Constitution that every public official, especially the President, is sworn to uphold and defend,” she said.

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