Oh burn! Edwin Lacierda ‘subtweets’ Florin Hilbay after criticism

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Atty. Edwin Lacierda is not here for any more credit grabbing. The abogado who served as one of the presidential spokespeople for President Noynoy Aquino is standing up for the truth.

Lacierda noted that they may have not always broadcasted the achievements the administration did. However, the abogado seems to allude that they never grabbed credit for something they did not do or something others did.

While Lacierda did not drop names, his colleague, Abigail Valte has been pretty vocal about who they are trying to confront. Atty. Florin Hilbay has been going around with criticisms against the Aquino administration recently to further push his independence as an opposition candidate.

A master for every dog nga naman!

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