Jan 8, 2021 @ 10:18

Odd! Chris Lao points out weird behavior of Dacera’s Mom

Abogado Christopher Lao seems to find the behavior of the late PAL flight attendant, Christine Dacera’s mother unusual. The abogado said that he has not seen anything like it.

In the clip shared, Dacera’s mom can be seen in tears and hysterics during a press conference. Towards the end, she can be seen changing her behavior abruptly and started laughing before calling out to someone.

Lao said that he is trusting his gut feel in this case. The abogado stated that it’s just against the grain of human experience.

In a separate clip, Dacera’s mother continues to be focused on. When asked regarding her reaction to the press conference of Christine’s friends, she said “eh di wow.”

Lots of interesting characters!

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