Tuesday 22 January, 2019
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NUPL asks: Who will defend the defenders?

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The National Union of People’s Lawyers on Wednesday condemned at the highest degree the “cold-blooded murder” of their member Benjamin Tarug Ramos. He was 56.

Ramos served as Secretary General for the NUPL Negros Occidental Chapter and have assisted victims of a massacre of peasants in Sagay, Negros prior to his death.

“The passionate, dedicated and articulate yet amiable and jolly Ben, was a founding member of NUPL. Despite limitations, he was for the longest time the ‘go-to’ pro-bono lawyer of peasants, environmentalists, activists, political prisoners and mass organizations in Negros,” the NUPL said in a statement.

“The killing of our beloved, adorably husky-voiced zany, Ben has distressed all of us, battle-scarred and seemingly undaunted and impervious to threats and dangers while courageously, even at times audaciously, running against the tide of daily injustice, oppression and repression in defense of the defenseless and persecuted,” it added.

But despite the death of their beloved Ben, the NUPL said the lawyers of the people “will not be cowed, will not blink, will not retreat” and will stand their ground.

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