Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin

Not the first choice? Bersamin says being Chief Justice ‘accidental’

Newly appointed Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin vowed to address the incessant problems hounding courts but urged court officials and personnel to help him to achieve the goal.

“Wala akong maipapangako sa inyo kundi ang ipagpatuloy ko ang paninilibihan with all sincerity in my heart. I intend also to address our persistent problems in the lower courts,” Bersamin said during his first flag-raising ceremony.

“I ask you to welcome me, to love me, to support me, to help me in my 11 months. Maikli lang ‘yan pagbigyan niyo na po ako,” Bersamin appealed.

Bersamin was greeted by a huge banner and balloons during the flag-raising ceremony after his appointment last week to replace Teresita Leonardo-de Castro.

Aslo, he described himself as an “accidental chief justice,” admitting he is not the most senior among the justices.

“I know that you have expected maybe another individual to be appointed to this office. I am not apologizing for myself, I am not apologizing for the President. I am here because I was appointed, so that should stop all speculations from within and without regarding whether Justicr Bersamin deserved to be chief justice or not,” he stressed.

“Maaaring may mas matanda sa ‘kin na nakaupo ngayon, but at age 69, I can look back and tell you that I have 32 years behind me in this business,” Bersamin explained.

Bersamin also urged court personnel to move forward and just help him “put up a good image of the judiciary.”

“Wala na tayong dapat isipin tungkol sa nakaraan at yung nakaraan na yan ay irrelevant na.This is a new beginning, I will have continuity,” he said.

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