Oct 24, 2021 @ 11:10

No hard feelings: De Lima happy to run alongside Dick in Robredo’s slate despite helping send her to jail

Senator Leila De Lima said she has gotten past Senator Dick Gordon’s apparent contribution to sending her behind bars for drug charges, saying she’s proud to be on the same Senate slate as him for 2022.

The detained former Justice secretary said she saw “a change of heart and regret of the past” after Gordon became the new target of hate by President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Many have been asking if Sen. Gordon’s inclusion in VP Leni’s senatorial slate is acceptable to me, given the perception that he played a role in my persecution as demonstrated in certain past Senate hearings,” De Lima said.

“Sen. Gordon has gotten a taste of Duterte’s venom and viciousness, a fraction of what was done to me four years ago. He currently experiences similar character assassination and mindless demolition of reputation that I did in the hands of Duterte,” she added.

“Come to think of it now, we are a small and exclusive club. We should stick together and help each other until this person who so dishonored us is held to account, and punished, for his excesses.”

De Lima said the fight of the opposition is a wide-reaching net and should not just focus on her own personal feelings.

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