Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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SOGIE bill LGBTQ+I community

No comprendé? UP LSG slams Senate position on ‘SOGIE bill’

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The University of the Philippines Law Student Government once again reemphasized their position on gender equality. The aspiring abogados slammed the Senate for being a hindrance to the SOGIE bill that seeks to legalize equal rights and protection for the LGBTQ+I community.

The UP Law student leaders rebutted some of the arguments laid out by selected senators against the bill. They specifically underlined the lack of understanding and critical analysis in the part of Senate Majority Leader Senator Tito Sotto and Senator Joel Villanueva.

The abogado aspirants explained that the LGBTQ+ community should also have the right to live “freely, bravely and equally” in the modern society. They called on the Senate to “act with prudence” as they think clearly on the negative effects of discrimination and how it can be solved by a concrete call for equality.

Utak crab kasi yung mga nasa senado eh. What a shame!

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