No abuse: Grace Poe files bill on expanded causes for legal separation

Senator Grace Poe has filed the bill to further protect all victim spouses who find themselves in in an abusive marriage. The senator is seeking to expand the causes that will allow courts to grant the victims the right to legally separate from their abuser.!.pdf

Poe slammed the innocuous wording in the Family Code that places the burden of proof on the victim by requiring repeated nature of abuse–physical or emotional. She said that there is no need for such a requirement because abuse should be stopped after it happens the first time.

The senator is also pushing for recognition that attempts in the life of a spouse with or without intention to kill as a cause to file for separation in the Philippines. She noted that this will cover both genders but will mostly likely benefit women more as they comprise The majority of the domestic abuse victim pool.

Abante, Babae!

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