New lawyers told: Join fight for freedom, democracy

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The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) have urged the latest batch of Bar passers to repair the legal profession.

As it congratulated the country’s newest lawyers, the NUPL urged them “to join the ranks of peoples’ lawyers and to unite with the Filipino people in the continuing fight for freedom and democracy.”

“Redeem what has been lost, repair what has been cracked, and reform what needs to be changed,” it said in a statement.

It pointed out that passing the Bar exams is “never an accurate measure or guarantee of one’s competence to become a lawyer, much less one’s capacity to put into practice the oath that we swore to uphold: to do and uphold justice.”

The NUPL lamented that currently the entire legal system is “again now under even more vicious attack.”

“There is an attempt to cripple and hold hostage the country’s entire judicial system. There are continuing direct assaults against judicial independence,” it cited.

“Infighting and self-interests are dressed up as principled non-partisan positions. There is an even more intense erosion of people’s trust in the credibility and integrity of the justice system,” it added.

The NUPL said that these are being “perpetrated no less than members of the legal profession themselves who have allowed themselves to break and corrupt their oaths to be dispensers of justice by being instruments of the creeping and impending tyrannical rule in the country.”

“Shall we just look the other way and turn blind to reality, content with dealing with our respective devices?” it dared the new lawyers.

“We shall not. All is not lost. Reason, fairness, common sense, honor, truth, dignity and justice must be reclaimed,” it stressed.

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