Tuesday 22 January, 2019
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Never say die! Bar taker explains why quitting is not an option

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The abogado profession is not for the faint hearted and this bar candidate is surely not. This bar taker revealed that this is already her third appearance in the Bar exam after failing to pass on the first and second take.

The abogado aspirant shared this detail and courageously shared that she intends to make this her third and last take. She noted that she never lets the breakdown get the best of her and has found the reason on why she should keep going.

The aspiring abogado says she is still here because she is meant to pass the Bar amidst the delay. She still believes that she is meant to be a lawyer no matter how many failures were previously served to her.

Atty. Erin Tanada was even nice enough to send words of encouragement to the fearless Bar candidate. The abogado even asked her to meet and bring some of her friends to have a small chat and discuss after the first Sunday of the Bar.

The world takes but it gives! Don’t give up!

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