Friday 14 December, 2018
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NEU New Era University College of Law,

How to know if a law school is right for you? NEU shares tips

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Entering law school is a key life decision, that’s why aspiring lawyers are encouraged to assess themselves first before diving into the legal world.

The New Era University College of Law, for instance, compiled a list of considerations that could help them discern.

The list, taken from R. Stephanie Good’s Law School 101, recommends the following:

Then consider doing the following:
• Write down all of the reasons why you want to go to law school.
• Visit a law school and walk around to get a feel for the environment.
• Talk to some of the students to understand their impressions.
• Arrange a meeting with a law school counselor to discuss your concerns.
• Ask for permission to sit in on a few classes.
• Ask for a syllabus to get an idea of the workload.
• When you get home, go over your list of reasons for attending and see if any of them have changed. This is the time to determine which one of your reasons for attending is the most realistic and which may not be valid anymore.

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