Dec 3, 2020 @ 9:02

Nasino’s blood boils for Manila City Jail female dorm chief, says lies led to baby’s death

Jailed activist Reina Mae Nasino filed criminal and administrative complaints against police and jail guards who made the wake and burial of her three-month-old baby River a total chaos, but she has a different level of contempt against the head of the Manila City Jail’s female ward.

In her 69-page complaint filed Wednesday, December 2, the wrath felt by Nasino towards Manila City Jail Female Dormitory jail inspector Ignacio Monteron was a notch above the rest. In her view, her cruelty was the reason her baby was taken away from her that led to the kid’s death.

Nasino blamed everything on Monteron, from not letting her breastfeed her child and depriving access to lactation facilities while in prison. The jail official also “blindsided” Nasino’s lawyers from her communications with the court judge, who eventually decided to order her separation from her child.

“The severity of the torture and/or cruel and inhuman treatment or punishment that I suffered by being separated from baby River and not being allowed to express breastmilk for her inside jail cannot be gainsaid,” her lawyers said in the complaint. “Respondent Monteron forced me to give up my child while I was still going through the ‘baby blues’ in an environment that did not support my decision to breastfeed.”

She expected Monteron to understand as a woman too. “She caused the deprivation of the child’s best defense against infection, including the coronavirus, which is her mother’s breastmilk, and tried to justify it by falsely claiming that I have only been feeding baby River formula milk since childbirth,” her camp added, citing international treaties and conventions on breastfeeding which Monteron supposedly violated.

She also blamed Monteron for “oppressing” her beyond River’s death, saying she was also behind the shorter time she got to spend to attend the wake and burial.

“Respondent Monteron is without remorse,” Nasino’s lawyers added.

“Thus, respondent Monteron should be charged with mental or psychological torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment or punishment under Section 4(b) and Section 5 of RA 9745, respectively.”

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