Aug 29, 2021 @ 17:26

Nagmamarunong di naman abogado! IBP hits Ben Tulfo for humiliating young lawyer on his show

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines condemned TV personality Ben Tulfo’s intimidation of a young lawyer based on his twisted sense of the law.

Tulfo, who is a broadcaster and not a licensed abogado, wielded his might over Atty. Kazper Vic Bermejo whom he chastised for filing a criminal complaint before the courts rather than opting for barangay settlement — which was not favorable to the party complaining to Bitag.

“In the subject video, Mr. Tulfo repeatedly discredited the concerned member of the bar for being a relatively new lawyer; exposed him to contempt by inviting his viewers to submit the lawyer’s photograph to their program; forced him to apologize and, publicly humiliated him by challenging him to a live interview where he sought to expose the lawyer’s alleged shortcomings,” the IBP said in a statement.

“Mr. Tulfo’s harsh and demeaning words were unnecessary to his declared purpose of informing and educating the public and renders a disservice to the interest of maintaining the public’s faith in our judicial system in which lawyers play an important and indispensable role,” it added.

IBP added this was no way to treat lawyers, adding that Filipinos should stop seeking what they think is swift justice outside of the judicial system.

“We caution the public against resorting to channels that assume to secure speedy justice at the expense of fundamental rights to privacy and due process,” the country’s biggest organization of lawyers added. “The IBP, as an institution, will not allow itself or any of its members or the judiciary to be insulted, demeaned, humiliated or used by any media personality or any person, individual or entity for that matter.”

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