Jul 18, 2021 @ 12:47

Nadulas o hindi alam ang batas? Edcel Lagman schools Duterte on non-existent VP immunity

For abogado Edcel Lagman, President Rodrigo Duterte is either ignorant of the law or mistakenly revealed his actual plan of returning to Malacañang beyond 2022.

Duterte, a lawyer, claimed Saturday that he will rin as vice president next year to secure immunity from the any lawsuits he expects to be filed against him by critics like former Senator Sonny Trillanes and retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. But here comes this legal expert and Albay representative to debunk his many lies.

“Considering that only the President is immune from lawsuits, a legal verity which President Rodrigo Duterte fully knows, then his pretext of running for vice president to enjoy ‘ immunity,’ spills the beans on his real intention to become successor-president the moment the office of the elected president in 2022 is vacated by design or fortuitous event,” the abogado-politiko said in a statement.

For him, immunity is a weak and misinformed alibi for the VP candidacy — and even that won’t let him off the hook from the findings of the International Criminal Court.

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