My goodness! Panelo tells Ressa to blame her abogado, not Duterte, for spending 1 night in detention

Presidential Legal Adviser Salvador Panelo said Rappler CEO Maria Ressa should blame her abogado, JJ Disini, not President Rodrigo Duterte on why she had to spend a night in detention before getting her bail.

Number two, she says… because I asked her: “What’s the reason for the court not granting you bail last night?” “Oh there are so many reasons Secretary, that person…” “No, no…” I said, “I want it now. I want to hear it from you na…” She said, “Well the court said there is no information sheet, there is no stated bail…” My response was this. I am going to tell her again:

“Maria, you cannot blame the court nor the government nor this administration nor the President on the incompetence of your lawyer. Your lawyer should have argued before the court that that’s your case, your case grants you entitlement as a matter of right of bail. The absence of an information sheet is not an excuse not to grant you bail. Moreover, I cannot even understand Maria, why your lawyers do not have a copy of the information filed against you,” said Panelo in a briefing in Malacanang. Ressa claimed the government was harrassing her when it issued the arrest warrant at 5 p.m. at Rappler’s office in Ortigas which meant that she would have to wait until the opening of officer hour the next day, February 14, to file her bail.

In an interview on CNN Philippines, Ressa said: “The officers had 10 days to serve it. They didn’t have to serve it after court was closed yesterday., They did not have to detain me, in fact that’s an infraction of my rights. This case that is ludicrous to begin with, is actually a case where I have the right to bail. It’s not debatable.”

But Panelo said Ressa’s excuse that she does not have a copy of the information sheet of her case was solely the fault of her lawyer.

“My goodness… lawyers should always be on their toes. You know that your client is facing a charge and anytime the information could be filed,” said Panelo.

“When I was practicing lawyer, my client never entered jail or most of them because I knew that the warrant would be there and I had to, you know, stay in the court or my staff to wait in the court so that we can post bail immediately. So stop blaming anyone for the unpreparedness of your lawyers. There is absolutely nothing to do with the freedom of expression,” he added.

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