Jun 5, 2021 @ 11:17

Mel Sta. Maria argues against Duterte as VP rumor

FEU Law Dean Mel Sta. Maria has argued against President Rodrigo Duterte running for Vice President.

The abogado shared his thoughts on how this violates the constitution.

Sta. Maria dissected how the statement that the President is ineligible to run for any positions to prove his points. The abogado believed it was intentional in the end of the constitutional framers to ensure that reelections do not happen for the highest positions in the land.

He also explained that the limitation on what positions are barred have allowed former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to run for Congress after her term. The abogado said that the same does not apply to Vice Presidents who run for President in the succeeding election.

Sta. Maria reminded that this provisions are in place to remove any external influences to affect the executive branch after a President leaves. This maintains the integrity of the office and does not invalidate the new President as a “stooge.”

Wag na kayo mag-attempt!

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