Oct 21, 2021 @ 8:30

Mali ka! Ferdie Topacio blasts Rappler reporter after Marcoleta story

Abogado Ferdie Topacio slams Rappler reporter Lian Buan after she reported on the wrong jurisprudence cited by Deputy House Speaker Rodante Marcoleta. The abogado aid that this is what happens when “non-lawyers” report on legal matters.

Topacio said that Buan failed to distinguish between the power of arrest and power to detain. The abogado said that it’s two very different things and the failure resulted into a misleading article.

The reporter replied and defended her story by saying power to detain is inherent in power to arrest as SC recognized in many decisions. In the same year it was limited, she cited the 2018 case of Supreme Court vs Arvin Balag where he said there is definite time in the detention.

Buan hits back that she may not be a lawyer but she is not the one who is misleading. The abogado did not let her have the last word and asked her to read the late Chief Justice Renato Corona decision in the Neri case.

Topacio said that arrest and detain have different meanings in law. He said that only then can she get back to him.

Ooh, spicy exchange!
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