Nov 15, 2021 @ 15:58

Makati prosecutor finds basis to charge Tony Labrusca for illicit sexual advances towards woman

The Makati City prosecutor sided with the accuser who claimed that actor Tony Labrusca sexually assaulted her in January.

Assistant City Prosecutor Marc Jeremiah Garcia ruled to indict the Filipino-American actor, whose legal name is Anthony Angel Jones
Labrusca, Jr., for two counts of acts of lasciviousness before a local court.

“The act of the respondent in pulling down the strap of the complainant’s dress, which exposed her bare breasts, coupled with his subsequent act of pulling her to sit on his lap suffices the finding of probable cause to indicate that the actuations of the respondent during the incident in question constituted lascivious conduct,” the prosecutor wrote.

“Respondent’s alibi that it was it was not his fault that the straps of the complainant’s dress kept falling and that it was the latter who sat on his lap during the occasion was not only unsubstantiated, it was successfully belied by the complainant and her several witnesses.”

Garcia added that the request for a hold departure order that would bar Labrusca from leaving the country is a matter that must be resolved in court.

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