Luto pa more! Wilfredo Garrido calls Persida Acosta ‘Queen of the Dead’

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Atty. Wilfredo Garrido is breaking his silence and expressed his indignation against Public Attorneys Office Chief Persida Acosta. The abogado blamed Acosta for fearmongering against Dengvaxia and accused her of cooking evidence to support her claims.

Garrido calls her the “Queen of the Dead” as she likes to conduct forensic pathology on various corpses. The abogado also said that she is being enabled by the likes of Dr. Erwin Efre, who carries bogus credentials when it comes to forensics.

The abogado noted that Acosta must be stopped before she caused bigger problems. She wrote, “Because who knows the PAO Forensic Laboratory will next cook evidence that you are responsible for the measles outbreak.”

Bored lang pala si Madame!

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