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Losing party-list groups ask SC to adjust seat allocation formula

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Two party-list groups that lost during the May 13 elections have asked the Supreme Court (SC) to adjust the formula for the allocation of seats in the House of Representatives, so the topnotchers would not get as many seats.

In a recent petition, Angkla and Serbisyo sa Bayan (SBP) asked that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) be ordered to “exclude the votes counted in the allocation of guaranteed seats from being considered in the allocation of additional seats, so that votes will not be used or counted twice.”

The groups claimed marginalized groups would be deprived of votes under the current formula.

The SC, in a July 2009 decision, laid down the guidelines in the allocation of seats to avoid the wastage of votes and ensure that all seats are filled.

Groups that meet a 2-percent threshold are assured of at least one seat. They are granted additional seats by multiplying the percentage they won out of total votes cast for the party-list elections by the number of remaining seats.

Each group can only get a maximum of three seats. Unfilled seats are then distributed to the groups that fail to meet the 2-percent threshold, according to the number of votes they receive.

If Angkla and SBP’s petition to avoid double-counting votes is granted, the 2-percenters may get fewer seats since the percentage that will multiplied against the number of seats will be reduced.

The party-list groups also sought to stop the proclamation of the winners, but the SC did not resolve the prayer immediately and the proclamation pushed through.

Kabataan clinched the last seat, and Aksyon Magsasaka-Partido Tinig ng Masa (AKMA-PTM), followed by Angkla and SBP, would have been the groups that were next in the queue for party-list seats.

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