Lifelong Learning Diaries: Jj Disini attends Data Privacy Talk

Atty. Jj Disini shows that no amount of knowledge is beneath him. The abogado recently attended “Countdown to Data Privacy: Streamlining Compliance with the Data Privacy Act” and cheered on his fellow abogado speakers.

Atty. Jj Disini shared photos of the notable speakers from the event. This includes Privacy Department Commissioner Ivy Patdu. Atty. Patdu talked about Data Privacy Law and the first year of the National Privacy Commission.

Atty. Jj Disini also shared a photo of Atty. Francis Acero as he gave the presentation on Data Breach Notification Obligation under the Data Privacy Act.

Atty. Jj Disini is a managing partner in his own law firm, Disini & Disini Law Office. He specializes in technology and IT Law. The abogado graduated with a Dean’s medal from the UP College of Law and placed 7th in the Bar. He obtained a Master’s degree in Law from Harvard University.

Beast mode si Mr. Abogado pero sa knowledge!

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