Oct 16, 2020 @ 18:03

Lies! Wilfredo Garrido debunks BJMP claim that tight security for COVID prevention

Dayap Mines Inc President Wilfredo Garrido debunked the claim of the police that they do not want political detainee, Reina Mae Nasino to catch COVID-19. The abogado mentioned that they might not be truth in this.

If the police escorts are afraid of Reina May’s catching the virus, why are they not wearing full-dress PPEs, too? On a…

Posted by Wilfredo Garrido on Thursday, October 15, 2020

Garrido added that they should have been dressed in full PPE as well if that is the concern. The abogado also explained that they have a lot of contact surfaces that will increase the risk of infections if ever.

He then questioned why they are not covered from head to toe like Nasino. The BJMP is under fire for sending so many security escort to the burial of Nasino’s child. They also kept her handcuffs despite appeal from the family and the priest.

Matigas ang loob eh!

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