Jun 26, 2020 @ 8:05

Leonen quotes Lean in Bar 2019 oath taking: ‘The line of fire is always a place of honor’

Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen delivers an impactful address before the Bar 2019 passers. The abogado talked about the profession and how the ability to have a voice is a privilege that should be used to benefit others.

In his speech, Leonen said that silence only maintains status quo and promotes further injustice. The abogado added that staying silent does nothing for the marginalized and the oppressed.

The abogado also reminded the new lawyers to not be blinded by the material stuff and focus their attention on improving the lives of fellow Filipinos at the receiving end of abuse or crimes. He said that there is no use in having all the fancy stuff when it is bought from the backs of those experiencing injustice.

He also quoted the late activist and good friend, Lean Alejandro. The abogado said that he anchors his actions to the statement: “The line of fire is always a place of honor.”

In his speech, the abogado also addressed the possible computerization of the Bar. As the next chairman for the 2020 exams, the abogado joked that it might be better to implement just to get out of the tedious task of reading bad handwriting.

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