Leonen decries unfair privileges of private car owners

Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen has spoken about the “inequality” between pedestrians and private car owners, exposing the bias that the present state of urban planning has toward the latter.

According to the abogado, sidewalks in Metro Manila are no being used as parking spaces for cars, further discouraging walking or making it more dangerous.

“Taxpayers actually subsidize private car owners when they are allowed to park on sidewalks and roads. The true cost of owning a car is not borne by the car owner. This plus the easy financing provided by car companies to own a car contributes to traffic,” said Leonen.

Moreover, he said, cars burn carbon that contributes to air pollution.

“However, they are protected from its immediate consequences. The pedestrian and commuter who cannot afford suffer the consequences.

#JustSaying #Inequality,” he said.

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