Friday 14 December, 2018
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Law student reveals law school’s best-kept secrets

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This law student believes that every abogado should only remember two things from law school. Aspiring abogado, Pauline Alfonso recently went on Twitter to break it down for her fellow aspirants.

Alfonso said that the cardinal rule is to memorize the Civil Law by heart. The abogada aspirant claims that this is always the point of reference or most commonly used law in the country. In her words, she said that it’s “everywhere.”

The abogada aspirant also added that knowing and memorizing the in’s and out’s of the Constitution is of prime importance. At least two netizens replied to her sentiments to contradict the oversimplification. One pointed out the law graduates should know and memorize everything by heart.

Bakit 4 years pa if two things lang naman pala. Do you agree?

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