Thursday 13 December, 2018
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What would Congress do? Impeachment rules for Duterte should be applicable to Sereno

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A student from the University of the Philippines College of Law argued that the application of the law should be equal to all—including Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, who was denied access to her lawyers by the House committee on justice during her impeachment proceedings on Wednesday, November 22.

What would a member of the committee do if President Rodrigo Duterte is the one who’s facing the impeachment complaint?

Carlos Hernandez Jr.’s answer is straightforward: “I would fight tooth and nail for the Committee on Justice to respect the Honorable President’s constitutional rights!”

Hernandez argued that one’s prejudice against Sereno does not make it okay to deny her of her constitutional right to counsel, especially since the impeachment proceedings are still governed by the Bill of Rights.

“The fact that impeachment is a highly political process does not give the Committee on Justice unbridled license to ignore and disregard the dictates of the Constitution, fair play, and due process,” he said.

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