Friday 14 December, 2018
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Guide to law school: The types of profs you meet and how to survive them

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Abogados or law professors are truly the spice of life inside any law school. This is why an aspiring abogado created a useful guide on the types of law professors and how to survive them.

The abogado aspirant listed 8 types of professors and its respective tips on coping with his or her teaching styles. It also indicates the challenges or problems one may encounter depending on the abogado professor he or she will enroll in.

He presented the Generic Law professors who prefer quiet and no fuss law students. The abogado aspirant also mentioned that “poker face pero deadly” professors truly exist. He even categorized them as either retired judges or lawyers.

It also tackled “Quizzer” and “Digest All You Can” professors who give endless stress and workload. He advised new law students to practice their handwriting and always re-read the assigned cases.

The “Bibo” and “Guidance Counsellor” professors are the easiest to get along with. However, one must not abuse their kindness because, at the end of the day, they are still your law professor.

There’s a saying in law school: Pick your poison!

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