Jun 22, 2020 @ 19:01

‘Law is the loneliest profession’: Tom Temprosa shares musings on being a lawyer

Abogado and Ateneo Law Professor Tom Temprosa shared his two cents he realized on the profession. He reflected that it may be the loneliest profession to exist.

He posted on his Facebook account, “When I ventured to study law, I was oblivious to the emptiness of the law. Now, I realize how the law is the loneliest discipline there is — only logic is its constant bedfellow.”

The Abogado realized that logic is the basis of the profession and not morality.

“I envy the sciences for their scientific method and experiments, the arts for the creative and artistic, the social sciences for their discrete methods. But someone once said this: “You can use logic to justify just about anything, that’s its power and its flaw.” Wish I can say the law’s bedrock is morality; it is not.”

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