Jan 28, 2019 @ 8:28

Lalaban ako! Nicko Falcis undeterred by Kris Aquino’s on-going bullying

Atty. Jesus Falcis’ brother, Nicko continues to fight for the truth. The abogado’s brother is still spreading the word out about the reality behind the serious accusations and many theft and fraud charges filed by his former boss, Kris Aquino.

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PART 1: Filing Baseless Cases to Destroy Reputation via Social Media Bullying (SWIPE FOR MORE) When KCA knew that I would be leaving her without agreeing to her scripted terms, she immediately manipulated all of us and built a baseless theft case to bully, intimidate and coerce me and my family into silence. KCA wanted me and my family to be scared of the “44 counts” she charged maliciously, as she planned all of these way before if I refuse to follow her “script” / fabricated truth, especially when she told her lawyers she wanted my mom to be the one to beg for forgiveness, so she can air her scripted Part 3 of her “LIFE UPDATES”. KCA even announced to my close friends “We will file all these cases across 7 cities to scare Nicko and his family”. Clearly this is a demonstration of persecution instead of prosecution, with her bullying tactics and ultimate power tripping. THERE IS NO QUALIFIED THEFT, NOTHING WAS STOLEN. ALL THE ELEMENTS OF QUALIFIED THEFT ARE CLEARLY ABSENT. Case in Point: HONGKONG Expenses P551,700.59 are all HONGKONG Expenses to produce a series of her online webisodes (5Part Series of Sponsored Webisode for Cathay Pacific and Marco Polo Hotel and 2 Webisodes of her IFLIX Live Life with Kris). These expenses that is almost half (50%) of her P1.2M combined charges are mostly Plane Tickets and Hotel Accommodations for her 17-man entourage. Kris and her entourage also ate in all the restaurants mentioned, particularly Cheesecake Factory and Delicious Kitchen — as seen in her webisodes. The rest are working meals for her entourage and production staff — complete with receipts, pictures and all forms of “resibo”. Everyone knew, especially her paid entourage. No more bullying, let’s end this #Krisis as I continue to reveal the truth. You may have millions of followers but I choose to follow the truth.

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Falcis detailed all the expenses Aquino said that was unaccounted for were used to support her 17-man entourage to Hongkong. He even said where they all stayed, the restaurants they tried, and airline they used for certain webisodes.

The abogado’s brother also noted that this is more of public persecution rather than prosecution. He emphasized, “You may have millions of followers but I choose to follow the truth.”

Di matitinag!

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