Laglagan na! EJ Aquende sets the record straight on JD-Ph.D equivalency

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Legal Education Board Chairman, Atty. EJ Aquende refuses to become a scapegoat over the grievances on the Juris Doctor and Ph.D. equivalency. The abogado released a public statement that tackled each and every dissenting opinion that came out regarding their announcement.

Aquende said that they have consulted and invited all the relevant parties on the matter. The abogado made it very clear that they even held a consultation meeting with several law schools in the country on the matter.

The abogado also belied any claims of the Commission on Higher Education that they were not probably consulted or given the chance to air their concerns. On the statement of the Philippine Association of Law Schools, Aquende emphasized that they sent an invitation to the PALS office but they neither replied or attended the consultation.

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