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Laban sis! UP Portia Sorority backs Sereno amid resignation calls

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The UP Portia Sorority came to the defense of its sister, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, in light of the attacks being received by the first female chief magistrate.

In a manifesto of support, the sorority said Sereno is a a true female role model of excellence who has shattered several glass ceilings in defending human rights, making a principled stand against a culture of impunity, and calling for judicial independence.

Portia also called out those who exercise partisan politics, of which the chief justice is now a victim.

“The UP Portia Sorority challenges these people to finish what they have so bravely and arrogantly started. Allow the impeachment process to run its course and restore the Chief Justice her constitutional right to confront the baseless charges pelted against her. Make no mistake; Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has shattered several glass ceilings. One would be a fool to think that it would be easy to break her,” part of the manifesto read.

Sisters unite!

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