La Viña: CA ruling on Rappler case ‘very clear’

Tony La Viña reveals his perplexity why some still want to challenge the Court of Appeals ruling on Rappler, which for him was pretty solid already.

“Let’s be very clear. Rappler won in the CA. If I were their lawyer, I would recommend not appealing anymore to the Supreme Court,” he said.

La Viña said the CA did not affirm the revocation of Rappler’s license, despite allegations of foreign ownership.

“As you can see, the CA quotes its earlier decision where it says ‘The negative foreign control found objectionable by the SEC APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY REMOVED (emphasis mine),’” he explained.

“So what is the CA’s instruction when it comes to the revocation order? Also clear: ‘REMAND the case and DIRECT the SEC to conduct an evaluation of the legal effect of the alleged donation…,’” he added.

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