Apr 25, 2020 @ 21:03

Kilala niyo ba ako! Rowena Guanzon warns pro-PNP trolls after receiving hate

COMELEC Senior Commissioner Rowena Guanzon issues a warning against the Philippine National Police and its rabid online supporters. The abogado said that she as a representative of the Commission on Elections has a hold over the police force.

Guanzon said that they are deputized by the COMELEC during elections. Therefore, the abogado implies that she has control over who will get gun exemptions.

The abogado further belabored the point as she stated that if the attacks against her will not stop, she will propose new guidelines on election gun ban. Guanzon said that those with admin cases will not be assigned and only those on duty will get hazard pay.

The commissioner also stated that no policeman with an administrative or criminal record will be exempted from the gun ban.

The abogado also emphasized that what happened to Ronald Cardema should be a reminder to all. She said that if you attack one of them, you also attack the institution they belong in.

Previously, the abogado has been vocal about the QC Police Department shooting of former Marawi soldier, Winston Ragos. As she defends the victim, Guanzon has been the subject of hate by the police’s supporters.

May kampihan ganoon? Di ka ba nag-highschool?

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