Just like family: Ateneo Law frat, sororities congratulate Bar 2019 alumni passers

Ateneo Law fraternity, Fraternal Order of Utopia welcomed new abogados to their alumni roster. A total of 18 Utopians passed the Bar despite a slightly lower passing rate this year.

In the caption, Utopia celebrated and greeted their “brods” passionately. They wrote, “Mabuhay kayo” and quoted, “Yours is not a petty quest, but that which heroic mortals tread.”

Ateneo Law sororities, Lex Athenia Victoria Society, and Regina Iustitiae Sorority also congratulated their alumni sisters who made the cut. Lex Athenia welcomed 6 new abogados who they stated to have budding careers in the profession.

Regina also celebrated 11 new abogados from their sorority. They asked them to continue to reign supreme and maintain their ties to the sisterhood.

Congrats sa mga brods and sisses!

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