Jinggoy Estrada: Quarantine protocols observed at fish distribution

Former senator Jinggoy Estrada on Wednesday said that social distancing was observed when he distributed fish to residents in San Juan City last May 3.

This as Estrada appeared before the National Bureau of Investigation to explain his side on allegations that he violated quarantine protocols.

“On May 3, I was given a bunch of milkfish from Zambales, my mother’s birthplace. Too many that I and my family will not be able to consume them. Considering its nature, time was of the essence to distribute them for human consumption,” Estrada said in his letter to NBI Deputy Director for Investigation Service Vicente De Guzman III.

According to Estrada, he wore a face mask and observed social distancing when he led the distribution of bangus or milkfish.

” I do not think that helping feed the starving and poor is a violation of the law,” he said.

Estrada continued that he was wearing personal protective equipment and a face shield during the distribution.

“My question is, shall I watch these milkfish spoil and not consume and watch my constituents starve and suffer for not having one or shall I give it to them to at least ease their hunger for a meal?”

“Anyone in my situation that time would agree that the latter option is best to be chosen. That was what I did,” he said in his letter.#

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