Oli Reyes adds Inday Garcia story in election trivia series

Issue! Oli Reyes reveals reason behind Levi Celerio national artist snob

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Atty. Oli Reyes just exposed former President Cory Aquino for her small feud with musician, Levi Celerio. The abogado is unsure but discussed the workings behind the popular song, “Ako ay Pilipino.”

Reyes said that it was supposedly a counter-anthem for the EDSA song, “Bayan Ko.” The abogado said that it really felt that way and could be the reason why Celerio was overlooked as a national artist.

The abogado speculated that former President Cory Aquino purposely ignored him because of this. He wrote, “Was that the reason why Cory refused to name Levi Celerio a National Artist?”

Pasabog talaga tong si Sir!

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