Jan 20, 2021 @ 15:19

Idamay lahat! Chiz Escudero wants law banning entry of state forces in all universities

Abogado Chiz Escudero agrees it’s unfair to have a ban on military and police officers covering only a handful of state universities.

The former senator now Sorsogon governor made a bold call following the upsetting news that the Department of National Defense is unilaterally revoking a long-time agreement that keeps state forces from setting foot inside campuses of the University of the Philippines.

“PRRD said that it’s unfair that only UP & PUP have a pact… I completely agree!!!! So why not enter into a similar pact with ALL THE OTHER UNIVERSITIES,” Escudero, also a UP alumnus, said in a tweet.

“Better yet, pass a law that will guaramtee this to ALL UNIVERSITIES instead of abrogating these two,” he added, with the tagline “trust the Filipino youth.”

Enacting such a law will leave DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana red-faced with embarrassment after claiming that abrogating the Soto-Enrile agreement was out of date and unnecessary anymore, at a time when the military is red-tagging UP students.

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