Feb 16, 2021 @ 15:57

IBP breaks impasse with online voting for new officers

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines has finally resolved an internal problem for its 2021 board elections.

Earlier this month, abogado Macabangkit Lanto wrote in his Daily Tribune column that the country’s biggest and official organization for lawyers is reportedly facing a no-election scenario. But this has been resolved just days later, with IBP’s Data and Communications Officer Alexis Martinez announcing online protocols for the biennial event.

“In line with its program to do more, better, faster, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines now allows its members to vote online for the biennial IBP Chapter elections on February 27, 2021,” the IBP executive said, taking the cue from the Supreme Court.

“All IBP Chapters have been instructed to ensure that the guidelines and instructions regarding online voting are widely disseminated and to facilitate online voting,” she added.

The campaign isn’t just for the positions now, but also for showing to vote electronically due to the pandemic.

“Our members welcome a less tedious and costly way of voting for their Chapter Officers and we expect a significant increase in voter turnout from the average 10-30% participation in Chapter elections. This will translate into a broader mandate and more involvement in IBP and Chapter affairs,” the group added.

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