Mar 17, 2021 @ 9:02

Hundreds of abogados write to SC for protection vs red-tagging

Abogados from the University of the Philippines College of Law ran to the Supreme Court asking for urgent help against incursions made against the freedoms and safety of lawyers.

The Malcolm Hall faculty and alumni, together with fellow lawyers from other law schools, penned a letter to Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta and the gods of Padre Faura with an urgent appeal to “protect its lawyers, stop impunity, and uphold the rule of law.”

The request comes following the report that Calbayog police are compiling a list of names of lawyers representing or dealing with groups tagged as communist-terrorists, which they saw as a direct attack on the profession and its practitioners.

“We are deeply troubled and concerned by this brazen and outright attempt to curtail legal rights and civil liberties, to endanger the lives of, and perhaps deliberately target, lawyers carrying out their legal duties, and this palpable act of intimidation meant to deprive alleged “CTG personalities of their constitutional rights to counsel,” the statement read, signed by hundreds of lawyers.

“Mr. Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Court, as the leaders of the legal profession in the Philippines, we ask that the Court intervene motu proprio and urgently. Protect the officers of the Court. Ensure the independence of the Judiciary,” they added.

More than 50 lawyers have been killed under the Duterte administration, the bloodiest for the profession in Philippine history.

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