Mar 29, 2021 @ 14:47

Huli! Trillanes, netizens slam Duterte camp for fake birthday spread, behavior

Former senator, Sonny Trillanes slammed the Philippine Daily Inquirer and President Rodrigo Duterte after sharing his fake birthday spread. The known critic said that the Inquirer should not become a tool of propaganda for Senator Bong Go.

Trillanes is referring to the cropped photo where you can see the President blowing into a cup of rice with a candle. Go stated that this how simple the President is during his birthday until someone posted the full photo of his spread that even had a lechon and several other dishes.

One netizen said that the rice in a bowl set up are originally meant for dead ancestors. He noted that historically, Asian countries do not put candles or even incense in rice especially for the living.

One also commented that Senator Bong Go and Duterte really thought they can get away with their tomfoolery. He slammed how his food spread is more fitting for a fiesta than a simple birthday.

Another netizen also expressed his disgust with the President after a video surfaced of him, trying to touch a female inappropriately. The woman is merely asking her to blow the candle on a cupcake when he made the advance.



Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque quicklu dismissed it as a joke done by the President to a helper who has been with him a long time. The netizen countered by talking about how he grew up with two men at home and never did they try to do the same to their helpers.

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