Friday 14 December, 2018
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How fake! Naga law student corrects school’s position on Federalism draft

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This Ateneo De Naga Law student refuses to become a victim of fake news. The aspiring abogado recently claimed that the participants shown in the PTV4 coverage were not supporters of Federalism.

Ricky Tomotorgo said that a forum in Ateneo de Naga University was held and many people attended, thinking that they will hear about the newly drafted constitution. The aspiring abogado clarified that it is a misrepresentation on PTV4’s part to say that all the attendees were Federalism supporters.

The abogado aspirant claimed that there was no draft presented to the dismay of the attendees. He also called out the news report for using a misleading headline in representing the Bicolanos who attended the event.

Galawang P. Diggy talaga yang ganyan eh!

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