How dare you! Duterte bristles as ACCRALaw’s Drilon tried to stop him from fighting Salim-Consunji, Ayala over ‘plunderous’ water deal

How dare you!

This is the scathing reply of President Rodrigo Duterte to Senator Franklin Drilon who advised him not to dip his fingers into the onerous water concession deal which the lawmaker’s law firm, ACCRALaw, drafted in 1997.

“Kaya ‘yang si Drilon noong siguro narinig niya, pinaringgan niya ako na, ‘Ssabihin mo kay Presidente that you know we’d be paying so many billions and billions of pesos’. You know Senator Drilon, magkaibigan man tayo. Malaki ang respeto ko sa iyo. But this time sabihin ko sa iyo, how dare you? How dare you tell me not to make any move or even to take a peek at the (contract) because we will be losing money. How dare you?” said Duterte in a speech Monday.

Duterte said he asked Drilon, through Senator Bong Go: “Kasama ka ba dito?” Duterte said Drilon replied: “Bong, sabihin mo kay Rody…’Wala akong kasali diyan. Nung lumabas ‘yang kontrata na ‘yan, wala na ako
sa ACCRA’. ACCRA is the number one. This is how a democracy works and this is how a democracy is corrupted by the very persons who are supposed to be in government to protect the people.”

Duterte said he would make it his ultimate goal to tear up this onerous contract which surrendered the country’s sovereignty to Salim-Consunji and Ayalas specifically in setting water rates, fixing their profits, and collecting fees to cover their losses and raise funds for non-existent projects.

“Paano mo aregluhin ‘yan ngayon? They say na, “aregluhin natin.” How? How will I compromise? That’s plunder. That is the classic economic plunder,” said Duterte.

“How can now I tell the people as President: Adre, p**, aregluhin na lang natin ‘to. Tell me. Tell me those f*****… Tell me kung papaano ko sabihin sa tao. Kaya ako ganyan nagmumura. Kita mo naman kung hindi ka magmura ganitong klaseng… Sabihin mo bastos, bastos talaga ako. Aba p***** i**, binastos mo ang bayan ko,” he added.

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