House to create licensure board for police detectives

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The House Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation approved a bill seeking to mandate licensure exams for detectives and law enforcers.

The committee, chaired by Batangas Rep. Mario Vittorio Mariño, passed an unnumbered substitute bill consolidating House Bills 1123 and 5049, both of which proposed reforms to the profession of criminology, the study of the law enforcement and criminal justice system.

Under the bill, a Professional Regulatory Board of Criminology shall be created to supervise and regulate the registration, licensure, and practice of criminology.

The said board shall also promulgate and adopt a Code of Ethics and Code of Good Governance for the criminology profession.

Cagayan de Oro Rep. Maximo Rodriguez, principal author of the bill, said the board would have not only executive and rule-making powers but also quasi-judicial powers.

“This board shall set the standards of practice and service which necessarily be excellent, qualitative, world-class, and globally competitive,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said reforms should also be introduced in the entrance examination to the criminology profession.

“This goal can be achieved through inviolable, honest, effective and credible licensure examinations and through regulatory measures, programs, and activities which foster professional growth and development,” he said.

The proposed board shall be mandated to adopt and amend the syllabi and tables of specifications of the subjects for the licensureexaminations, as well as prepare questions for the licensure examination which shall strictly be within the scope of the syllabus. (PNA)

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