Nov 23, 2020 @ 19:11

Hold up: Glenn Tuazon voices opinion on #NoStudentLeftBehind movement

Ateneo Law alumnus and professor, Glenn Tuazon shared his two cents on the ongoing protest inside his alma mater. The abogado said that balance must be achieved in minding the welfare of the students and how institutions should navigate the current reality.

Tuazon mentioned that schools, employers or other institutions should not be dismissive of the plight of students or employees. The abogado said that the rebuttals issued are often angled in a similar manner as the dismissive tone against mental health issues.

The abogado believes we should not continue to champion this kind of world. He also warned that respect goes both ways and that students or employees should not also be too careless or harsh with words used as these institutions are just navigating the new reality with them.

Cut each other some slack!

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